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Hi, I'm Daria

Welcome to Chomp! I love food, and I also love feeling good. I created Chomp Nutrition Coaching with the goal of supporting others as they work to build sustainable, thriving, connected relationships with food and their bodies. 


I am a certified nutrition coach, 250-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, actor, dancer, singer, classical pianist, and CrossFit enthusiast. 


Growing up as a dancer, I struggled with body image issues and disordered eating for many years. When I learned about the tremendous impact nutrition has on so many physiological processes, my mindset around eating began to shift. Today, my perspective is one informed by the way I feel rather than the way I look. The way we fuel and move our bodies powerfully affects our lives. 


I am deeply passionate about working with clients to untangle negative thoughts, emotions, shame, and habits derived from diet culture. Through Chomp Nutrition, I hope to create a community of people that celebrates progress, hard work, and empowered food choices. 

Meet Your Coach


Chomp Nutrition is a comprehensive approach to eating that incorporates nutrition science, behavioral psychology, mindfulness and gratitude practices, yoga philosophy,

and holistic health.

It’s about saying no to diet culture and recognizing that how we nourish and move our bodies has a tremendous impact on mental health, productivity, and overall wellness.

To make healthy living accessible, we offer sliding scale pricing based on need. 

Chomp Nutrition is….

  • A one-on-one nutrition coaching system

  • Rooted in individuality, inclusivity, and making healthy choices accessible and intuitive

  • Flexible, educational, and designed to change the way you think about food

  • For anyone looking to transform & energize their lives through nutrition

Chomp Nutrition is not…


  • A quick-fix approach to weight loss and wellness

  • Restrictive, rigorous meal planning that feels like a full-time job

  • Just for body-builders and CrossFitters (but we love those, too!)


"Working with Daria has helped me form a better opinion on what it means to simply just be conscious of what and how much you're eating while still enjoying the foods you love."


"I have tripled my nutrition know-how, and built habits and go-to snacks that will stay with me when my time in the program stops."

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